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About me.

During my time in an asylum center, I decided to learn something completely different from my educational background. I studied electronics engineering and art could be something entirely different for me.

I bought an entry-level camera and the story began. I fell in love with seeing the world through a camera lens. It was a turning point in my life.

Long story short in a couple of years I started to educate myself about all the details that could make me better at photography. These details included color theory, compositions, light and shadows, storytelling, body language, facial expression, photo, and video editing, and many more.

I dedicated one year of my life to saving money and buying all the equipment. As you can see, I am determined to create photos that use my creativity and my technical skills.

My name is Omid, and it means ‘hope’ in Persian. I really hope to build up a career in photography so that when I look back on my photos I will say yes, I didn’t waste my life. I will be proud of what I left behind.

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in having a photo session with me. In addition, if you have an idea and need a photographer or videographer who puts his soul into a photography project.